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I have started my very own spinning blog.


Visit my slice of web at: kalaspins.blogspot.com (link opens in new window)


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I thoroughly enjoyed this article from a SPINNING newsletter... There is so much controversy in the spinning world, and one of the biggest issues is the conflict between leaving those abs loose or sucking them in. True spinning instructors and enthusiasts know that a loose core is the way to go, but a lot of riders are still misinformed.

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Happy Spinning!
<3 Kala

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A list of songs that are great for climbing to.

Includes song title, song artist and song length.

feel free to comment to add to this list :)

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hey, as soon as i get some of my new fall spin profiles put together, they'll be up for grabs.

super exciting, right?

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What is Spinning®?

In this overview you will learn:

The basics behind the Spinning® Program
How it differs from other indoor cycling classes
What you can do to find a Spinning® center in your area
How to become a Spinning® instructor

The Basics of the Spinning® Program

"The Spinning® program is the original and most popular group cycling class. And it's not just because Spinning® is an unmatched way to make your fitness goals a reality. With no complicated moves to learn, top-notch instructors and music that begs your legs to pedal, getting into the best shape of your life has never been more fun." [www.spinning.com]

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What differs between Spinning® and another Indoor cycling class?
Basically Spinning® is one step above your normal indoor cycling class. Spinning® was created by Johnny Goldberg (or Johnny G), a endurance and world-class athlete. Johnny was a cyclist who found training during the winter months difficult because of incliment weather. He eventually coined the term "Spinning" after creating a model of a stationary bike built after his own road bike. Johnny meant for it to be a means to train during the winter months when the terrian outside was too difficult to ride on.

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How do I find a Spinning® facility in my area?

That's easy! Just visit spinning.com and type in your zip code at the very top of the page. It will provide you with a list of offical Spinning® centers in your area. You can also print out a free Spinning® pass to check out any center you'd like!

How do I become a Spinning® instructor?

"The Spinning® program is the world's largest and most popular indoor cycling program—and our world-class instructors are the reason. With over 35,000 official Spinning facilities and millions of enthusiasts around the globe, there's no shortage of students waiting for you to teach, motivate and inspire them.

Whether you're a seasoned fitness professional looking to give your career a boost or simply want to share your passion for Spinning with others, the ride of your life starts with Spinning Instructor Orientation. There you'll master Spinning biomechanics, bike setup and safety, gain strong coaching skills and develop the ability to craft unforgettable class profiles by incorporating the Spinning Energy Zones™." [www.spinning.com]

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 Welcome to SPINNING @ livejournal.com

Hopefully this community will prove that I'm not the only Spinning Enthusiast out there in the world wide web of livejournal! 

Feel free to join, post and make this community active! 

Your Mod,

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